How To Get A Free Car Tips

Having a free car can help in making a great difference to an individual’s life, especially if the individual has a low income. Car charity and donations are one of the best mediums of getting a free car. So, if you are looking for the ways on how to get a free car, then head straight towards a charity or a donation camp. In the US, car donation is quite common because The US Government offers tax breaks on vehicles. Travelling from home to school or to work can become very tiresome if you need to change buses and trains for a half an hour route by car. Fortunately, there are various resources that can help you in getting a free car and they have been covered here. However, prior to getting a free car, there are some eligibility requirements that you need to match.

How To Get A Free CarEligibility Requirement for Donated Cars

People with a very low income have increased chances of getting free cars. People who can get donated cars are the ones who are:

•    Working Poor

•    Domestic abuse victims

•    Natural disaster victims

•    Families that live in transitional shelters

•    Non Profit Organizations

•    Families that change from the public help to work

•    Elderly and medically needed

•    Military families

Places where you can get Cars for Free

How to get a free car? There are various places where you can get car without spending a dime are as follows:

1800 Charity Cars Donation Auto

This is a nonprofit organization which accepts all types of donation cars and it offers them to needy people. People donate their cars to charities because they receive full and fair market value of their cars in the form of tax deduction if the cars are offered to disadvantaged people. If you are looking for a free car then you can just become a member of this charity and post a certain profile online that explains your problem. Post this, you need to network with people and try getting more votes and supporters. The more votes and supporters you get, the more are your chances of being allocated any used car model absolutely free of cost. This is considered one of the best methods of distributing cars, according to the needs of an individual.

Online Car Donations Auto Charity

This is another useful source where you can get a free car. This online car donation accepts car donations in exchange of tax deductions. The charity supports battered women, families in homeless shelters, women with certain physical challenges, nonprofit organizations, military family and self-supporting families. Applying for a vehicle is quite easy at this online car donation source. The only thing that you need to do is provide your name along with your contact details as well as a brief explanation of the situation you are in and the purpose for which you need the car.

Vehicles for Change

This is a nonprofit organization accepting cars in the form of donations. The organization helps donors in getting the best tax deductions. The cars are offered to people who are moving towards self-sufficiency but tend to struggle seriously with transportation. In order to qualify for low cost cars, an individual needs to have a supportable job offer and he or she should be working minimum 30 hours every week. The individual is also required to have driver’s license, should be insurable and should not possess any other car in his or her household. The individual also needs to be drug free without any criminal background.

With Causes

This organization helps low income families in getting cars for free. The website allows the low income individuals and families to explain their hardships and fill in an application form. Filled-in application forms are reviewed by consultants who provide the right direction and advice on placing successful requests.

Donate a Car Today

This is one of the best sources for getting free cars. It is a site that features a complete list of various car donation organizations and sites that can be approached for getting free cars. Organizations are listed according to States ranging from Minnesota to Idaho, Ohio to Mississippi, Hawaii to Alabama and Wyoming to Oklahoma.

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